What do Nail Angelo's clients have to say?

Nail salon reviewCindy (new client)

"I like that Kim has services for every budget. It allows me to go to a nice place for all my nail services. I can finally pamper myself and not worry about sanitation. the salon is beautiful and very serene."

Nail salon review Betina & Hermaine (clients of 2 years)

"My mother and I travel every other week from the Lake Pleasant are to go to Kim. My mother is a diabetic. We found out about Kim on the internet. She specializes in pedicures for people with Diabetes. We are thrilled to have found her. My mother's feet don't hurt anymore. Her pedicures are all natural - no chemicals, parabens or harmful additives. She takes her time with us and does whatever is needed to make our feet feel wonderful. We also get her Ionic Detox, which has worked wonders for our arthritis, and had given us both energy."

Nail salon review Rene (client of 6 years)

"I have experienced all of Kim's services and they are wonderful. Her natural nail restoration program works!!! The medi pedi is 100% natural and a special treat. The ionic detox has helped my edema, arthritis and has given me energy. Foot massages, between my monthly pedicures, have kept my feet feeling great and her paraffin treatments on my hands and feet have given me new mobility and hydration."
"Thank You Kim!"

Nail salon review Haydn (client of 6 years)

"I am a Breast Cancer survivor; my nails were very weak, soft and peeling all the time. Nail polish wouldn't stay on. I started Kim's natural nail restoration program and after 6 months my nails were strong, beautiful and my polish stays on. If I hadn't tried it myself, I would never have believed it. My nails look like acrylic nails. Kim's restoration program really works!!"

Nail salon review Sandy A (client of 6 months)

"I have Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. My job requires me to be very active. I have had a very hard time working. I heard about Kim from the salon I go to. After the first Ionic Detox, I felt like a new person. I was very skeptical at first, now I go to her once a week for my detox. She also gives me a paraffin treatment for my hands. No more cracks on my fingers or aching joints. My body feels wonderful. Her detox really works. I have plenty of energy that I didn't have before."

Nail salon reviewSandy C (client of 6 years)

"The Ionic Detox is amazing! I thought this was going to be another gimmick - but it's not. I have arthritis and it has kept me from doing a lot of the things I like to do; like shopping. Since I have been going to Kim for my Ionic Detox I not only can go shopping, I also have this new found energy. My arthritis is under control and I don't hurt like I used to. The treatment is so relaxing, all I do is sit and soak my feet for 20 minutes and the ionic machine does the rest of the work."

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