Nail Angelo's

Creating healthy, natural nails.

Kim Mason is a licensed nail technician who, after many years of research, uses the latest technology, techniques and products to treat natural nails. Each nail is individually analyzed and treated. This process restores your own natural nails to look like acrylic nails; but they are your own, natural nails. The end result is strong, healthy, beautiful nails. Nail Angelo's is conveniently located inside the beautiful Secret's a Boutique Salon, peacefully nestled in the Arcadia/Biltmore area of Phoenix, Arizona. View Kim's nail salon services.


Nail salon manicures. Phoenix manicure salon.

Nail Salon Manicures tailored to your specific nail type, wants and needs. more…



Nail salon pedicures. Phoenix pedicure salon.

Nail Salon Pedicures. Beautiful, healthy, strong nails without the harsh chemicals. more…

Spa Medicinal Pedicures

Spa medicinal pedicures. Phoenix medipedi salon.

This is a healing and wellness pedicure that is 100% natural from beginning to end. Soak in essential oils, followed by an all natural more…


Diabetics and Cancer Survivors

Diabetics and cancer survivor nail care. Phoenix specialty nail salon services AZ.

Nail Angelo's has developed a specialized method for restoring nails for cancer survivors and individuals with diabetes. more…